Brings data to life

A powerful tool for creating intelligent web3 applications

With our platform and market place, anyone can easily build intelligent apps from reusable components and deploy them to any device.


Market Place for Data & Code

Exchange data, code and interface components in our marketplace.

Content Management System

Ontology builder, data management tools and block-chain secured granular access control

Guaranteed Interoperability

Everything works together out of the box, guaranteed. Just click your application together and off you go.

Intelligent Data Visualization

Choose from a range of automatically selected data visualizations

Built in A.I.

Find patterns & new connections in your data with a built in A.I. reasoning system.

Rich Data

Easily connect your data to other data sources to enrich your results

Semantic Search

Search across all your data in natural language with automatic intelligent visualization of the results


Core tech development

We've spend the last 10 years developing a Programming Framework for the semantic web. Complete with built in graph database, A.I reasoning and visualisation tools.

2011 2021

Product Design

We are in the final stages of designing our market place interface and web3 application builder

Q4 2021

Seed round

We are currently raising our first round of investment. See our deck here

Q1 2022

Alpha launch

Q3 2022

Beta launch

Q1 2023

Open Market Place

Q3 2023